Estates of Judith's Fancy

St. Croix neighborhood, US Virgin Islands

Rules For Gate Entry - As revised 3/01/12
1) All vehicles not displaying a current Entry Sticker or Temporary Entry Permit Card must stop to be logged-in by the guard. This applies to both visitors and residents/owners, without exception.
2) Vehicle operators without current entry stickers and pedestrians must stop to explain the purpose of their visit, destination (including plot number) and resident’s name and destination.
3) Departing contractors/visitors must stop to push the gate exit button.
4) Permitted entry hours for construction material deliveries: 7AM to 5PM M-S (not permitted on Sun or Holidays). Contractors are permitted daily entry; however, no construction noise is permitted outside the above hours.
5) Visitor entry from 7PM – 7AM is permitted only if confirmed by a resident. The guard must be able to verify the after-hours entry request by phone.
6) Entry by the following is prohibited at all times:
-Unlicensed motor vehicles
-Dirt bikes, go-karts, off road recreation vehicles
-Vehicles leaking liquids or likely to spill cargo
-Noise Nuisances like cars and/or motorcycles with faulty mufflers or playing loud music, etc.
-Horses and other farm animals
-Water trucks exceeding 6,000 gallon capacity
-Large garbage trucks (nominally > 10 cubic yards) are prohibited from entry.
-Non-resident dogs except proceeding to residents homes in vehicles.
7) Closed delivery vehicles may enter but are subject to inspection.
8) Guards are not authorized to accept deliveries on behalf of residents.